App of the month – Ignition

In a new feature, get top tips direct from other practitioners

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This new feature within InPractice will bring you apps and software solutions which your fellow practitioners testify to being central to their successful practices.

We understand that researching, analysing and demoing endless apps and software solutions is a heavy time investment for practitioners, and simply isn’t always achievable.

We hope to help you understand how these apps operate, how they integrate into your practice and the impact they could have upon your practice and your clients – but without huge amounts of your time invested. We will bring you apps which your peers recommend, with testimonials about their experiences adopting these apps. 

Where possible, we will utilise our partnerships to bring you ACCA member discounts to also help with your cash investment.

This month we’re introducing you to Ignition. Practitioners, bookkeepers and professional services businesses use Ignition to help them create lasting client relationships and reduce both debtors and admin with ease. It helps fundamentally with the challenges that many practitioners face: increased competition, compliance and ever-growing client expectations. 

Watch this demo to see how Ignition could work with your practice.

This is what Michael Chrichard, Director at Chrichard and Co, had to say about his experience utilising Ignition:

Ignition has been a game-changer for me. It has revolutionised my practice. The ACCA engagement letter template has been pivotal, helping us save time while giving us the confidence that we’re meeting ACCA compliance standards.

We know that our terms and conditions are always 100% compliant. We signed up to Ignition for compliance, but we got so much more with all the extra cash flow benefits. In year one, it took us from having £200k worth of AR to being cashflow neutral, while also growing our bank balance from £30k to £250k.

Learn more about Michael’s experiences and start your free trial to qualify for 50% off your first 3 months (ends 30th June 2022 and is subject to T&C's) here.