Introducing the ‘flexi-job’ apprenticeship

Employers in the creative and construction sectors can now take on apprentices on short-term placements

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Employers in the creative and construction sectors will welcome new rules from 6 April 2022, which enable them to take on ‘flexi-job’ apprentices on short-term placements, rather than for a full year.

The requirement that employers guarantee employment and pay for apprentices for a full 12-month period has previously deterred employers in these sectors, who can often only offer flexible employment and/or roles on a short-term project basis, from taking on apprentices.

From 6 April 2022, employers will be able to take on apprentices in these sectors on a flexi-job basis, so that they can offer a minimum three-month apprenticeship in roles such as:

  • in the creative industries, roles relating to, for example, live events, props, museums and galleries, software development (including gaming), the arts and culture, broadcast and media
  • in construction, roles such as those in advanced carpentry and joinery, stonemasonry, industrial coatings, smart home work, bricklaying or rail infrastructure.

The new scheme is supported by agencies that act as longer term employers of apprentices in these industries, but place them in roles and/or on different projects during that period.

Businesses and other organisations in the relevant industries should consider whether they would benefit from taking on flexi-job apprentices and contact relevant agencies to identify candidates for roles and/or projects.

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