Sustainability toolkits for SMEs and SMPs

Why SMEs need to understand and engage with a sustainability agenda

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Embracing sustainable change creates significant opportunities for SMEs to reduce costs, attract talent and investment to develop business, provide a point of difference, and improve their brand reputation. It’s therefore important that SMEs understand and engage with a sustainability agenda.

SMPs’ role as trusted advisers creates the opportunity and a responsibility to engage with sustainability in the small business sector and take action – from raising awareness to supporting sustainable transformation of business models and reporting on non-financial information.

ACCA’s series of practical toolkits co-branded with Profit Impact – and in particular the SME sustainability series – are aimed at supporting accountants in SMEs and SMPs and provide concise guidance in the following areas:

  • mapping your business goals to UN SDGs
  • supply chain code of conduct for SMEs  
  • demystifying environmental management systems.