Creating tomorrow’s practice today

How to take your first steps towards setting up your own practice

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Setting up your own practice can be a hugely fulfilling life goal, but it is also a complex undertaking requiring research, planning and careful implementation.

ACCA's directory of curated and created information is available on demand to members. It allows those taking their first tentative steps into setting up their practice to have some practical considerations, as well as offering toolkits and highly practical support and guidance to those already in the process of setting up.

This new hub covers:

  • navigating the regulation and getting it right – we want to help you get your practice set up and running in the right way
  • hear tips from other members and ACCA partners on how to set up the best practice
  • building a resilient practice – how to build your community and be mindful of your wellbeing.

There’s also a checklist that you can use to check your progress.

We’ve always had factsheets that provide the detail on the regulatory side, but now other ACCA practitioners have brought these to life with short videos about what those requirements look like in practice, and what you can expect on monitoring visits.

We also have videos and podcasts of members and partners talking about strategic thinking, marketing your practice, taking on staff, pricing models, different aspects of their practices, digitalising your practice, how to offer advisory services, and how to protect your practice and clients from cyber risks.

You don’t need to do this on your own – connect with an online community of your fellow practitioners, or network with them in person at accountancy events. ACCA has a mentoring programme that you can use to benefit from an established practitioner and be mindful of your wellbeing during what is an exciting but also daunting time.

We hope you find our resources helpful – and we always welcome feedback on how we can improve the support that we provide.