Free technical webinars for practitioners

This year’s series, in partnership with Ignition and Fathom, is now complete!

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You can register to watch any of the practitioner webinars on demand:

Bitesize auditing update  
Peter Herbert, Insight Training

Top 10 things accountants get wrong with financial statements
Steve Collings, Leavitt Walmsley Associates

EU VAT and duties post-Brexit
Dean Wootten, Wootten Consultants

Independent examinations – what you need to know
Steve Collings, Leavitt Walmsley Associates

Claiming capital allowances and the super-deduction
Paul Soper, tax lecturer and consultant

MTD for the landlord client
Russell Cockburn, tax consultant, author and lecturer

Accounting Standards update with a twist
Steve Collings, Leavitt Walmsley Associates

Register for any or all of these sessions. Each webinar will count for one unit of verifiable CPD where it is relevant to the work that you do.