Inside track with Sir Jon Thompson, CEO of the FRC

Exclusive webinar offers unique insights; watch now

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If you are interested in public sector audit, audit reform, board responsibilities (large and small business), board committees or the audit market then you can listen to our free webinar in which Maggie McGhee, ACCA executive director of strategy and governance, interviews Sir Jon Thompson – CEO of the Financial Reporting Council.

In this unique webinar, Sir Jon updated us on the work of the FRC to implement the reforms proposed by the government following the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) consultation to strengthen the UK's audit and corporate governance framework.

Sir Jon highlighted that if businesses want to get ahead of the reforms, they should consider some of the guidance on the FRC website. Larger businesses or auditors can also look at the FRC consultation on its draft proposal for a minimum standard for audit committees

More information is available on the original BEIS consultation and details of the outcome. 

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