Business guides for your clients

Simple guides to use for your client marketing in the import and export industry

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If you have clients involved in import or export of goods, these guides may serve as useful marketing tools as quick guides for your clients with your business branding. They are free to use for our ACCA members. Download each guide from our website, or directly via the links below.

First steps to exporting

Identify the right export markets and plan to cope with issues such legal complications, transport and payment.

Importing finance

Negotiate the right agreements with your suppliers to cut costs and effort before committing finance.

Researching your export markets

Research helps you identify the best overseas opportunities, understand how to sell into new markets abroad and avoid costly mistakes.

Common VAT problems

Be aware of some common pitfalls to avoid stringent penalties and know where to get help and advice on the basics of VAT.

VAT and duty on imports and exports

There are important VAT and duty rules and procedures when importing or exporting especially since procedures changed at the end of 2020 following Brexit.

ACCA’s Brexit hub has further resources, including our Technical factsheet on VAT post-Brexit.

Further resources from the UK Export Academy

The UK Export Academy from the Department for International Trade (DIT) gives businesses the know-how to sell to customers around the world by learning from experts in international trade.

The UK Export Academy has been designed to accommodate different levels of exporting experience, whether your client’s business is interested in starting to sell internationally or looking to grow your international sales further. The academy will help your clients overcome common challenges that businesses can face.