Would you like to be on the FRC Tribunal Panel?

The Financial Reporting Council is looking to appoint four new accountant members

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The FRC Tribunal Panel hears public interest disciplinary matters involving UK accountants and/or audit firms brought by the Financial Reporting Council under either the Accountancy Scheme or the Audit Enforcement Procedure.

The appointment committee responsible for the composition of Tribunal Panel is now looking to appoint four new accountant members to join the Panel.

The committee invites applications from individuals who:

  • have senior level accounting knowledge and experience particularly, but not limited to, those with partner-level audit experience at a professional firm
  • have a strong interest in ensuring fairness and justice and the importance of evidence-based, proportionate decisions which serve and promote the public interest
  • are looking to utilise their skills and experience in a unique, intellectually challenging role that sits outside the more traditional non-executive roles
  • want to help secure and maintain public confidence in the high standards and integrity of the accounting and audit professions in the UK
  • want to be a complementary member of a collaborative team of highly competent professionals
  • have not been a practising auditor or an employee of the FRC or an accountancy professional body within the past three years.

For more information on how to apply please visit the FRC’s non-executive appointments page.