Get Fit for Business

Keep your small business clients feeling confident and ready for growth this year

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Capitalise has just launched its Get Fit For Business report, which provides insight into how small business leaders are feeling about the year ahead.

The report is based on a survey of 500 small business leaders around how fit they’re feeling coming out of the pandemic and heading into a new normal. Capitalise explains that getting fit for business this year is much more than just focusing on healthy numbers. It’s about healthy people and relationships too. The report highlights just how key all these moving parts are for your clients to hit their big business and personal goals in 2022.

Capitalise has enriched its research data with actionable insights as well as advice from industry experts such as Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, and the UK’s favourite fitness coach, Mr Motivator.

Here are some of the highlights from the report and how you can use them to deepen your relationship with your clients.

Healthy people

Ask any business leader and they’ll tell you that keeping their teams motivated is key to their business success. And that healthy and happy employees make all the difference to their ability to do business.

The report highlights that although keeping this focus has been a challenge over the last two years, it’s also been more crucial than ever. In fact, the research found that 30% of business leaders felt keeping their team motivated was their biggest concern. And 78% of business leaders increased investment in their staff's health and wellbeing.

Here are some examples of how you can use this research to lead your meetings:

  • talk to your clients about any concerns they have regarding their team’s wellbeing
  • help them work on new strategies for keeping their people engaged
  • guide them on how to manage any additional health, wellbeing and safety costs.

Healthy relationships

Building relationships with customers and suppliers is central to the way many leaders do business. These bonds build trust and open new opportunities.

Even though small businesses understand the importance, many leaders have found it difficult to nurture these relationships over the last couple of years of lockdowns and remote working.

According to the report, 71% of leaders agree that having good relationships with their suppliers helps them do better business. However, 64% said that the pandemic has been a blocker in building these bonds.

As you well know, your clients have had far fewer opportunities for face-to-face meetings in recent years. With unpredictable restrictions being put in place, supplier relationships may have been moved a little further down their to-do list.

The report focuses on reminding your clients to flex their approach and apply technology such as remote meetings to find new ways to manage their relationships. Here’s how you can build that into your client conversations:

  • help your clients network by introducing them to similar businesses within your portfolio
  • build a local business community by offering relevant webinars
  • assist clients as they implement new digital communication channels.

Healthy numbers

Last but not least, the report focuses on how your clients can build healthy numbers within their business. Through its research, Capitalise found that 58% of leaders need help understanding business finance. And 38% said they want to get better at tracking their financial health.

As your clients’ trusted adviser this is your golden opportunity to add value in the area where they need it most. You’re best placed to develop your clients’ understanding of their finances as well as the role of credit scores and funding in their future business growth.

Why not try:

  • helping your clients get to grips with accounting basics so they have a better foundation to improve their financial awareness
  • bringing numbers to life so they don’t feel so overwhelmed by complicated reports
  • working with them to find funding strategies that focus on growth and expansion?

Getting your clients fit for business

As an accountant, you're a shoulder to lean on for your clients. You do more than just take care of the numbers. You’re also a confidant to share business ideas, ease stress and minimise worries.

With Capitalise’s new research, you can gain an insight into how small business leaders are feeling and what’s important to them in 2022. Download the report to help your clients find a healthier way to do business.

Download the Get Fit For Business report.

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