Podcasts for practitioners

Listen to our new series on strategic thinking

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In collaboration with Remarkable Practice, we’ve developed a series of five podcasts that look at strategic thinking for practitioners.

Paul Shrimpling and Doug Aitken of Remarkable Practice set the scene in an overview podcast and then Paul chats to ACCA members in a further four podcasts about:

  • Vision and OKRs – where are you taking your firm and what quarterly objectives and key results (OKRs) are you committed to?
    Featuring Glyn Davison of Harlands and Gareth Pinder of Griffiths & James & Parker
  • Values – what behavioural standards are you committed to, so that your team and clients know what to expect from your firm?
    Featuring Cheryl Sharp of Pink Pig Financials and Phool Ashraf of Gains Accountants
  • Purpose – what’s your firm’s ‘reason for being’? What is it you stand for that you, your team and your clients (existing and new) see as truly meaningful and worthwhile supporting?
    Featuring James Lizars of Thrive and Steph Rickaby of Sunflower Accounts
  • Inevitable trends, unyielding rocks and substantial challenges – what changes in the world are going to have a meaningful impact on your firm? And what things are immovable cornerstones on which to build your firm’s future? And what reality checks should we apply to make sure your firm’s strategy is really worth following?
    Featuring Emily Inman of Zynct Ltd and Stephen Pell of ICONAC.

Listen to the podcasts.