Tax guides to assist your clients

Give your clients a helping hand before the self-assessment deadline hits

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With the self-assessment deadline fast approaching, here are three guides you can share with clients which help them understand their filing obligations this season and in future.

The guides are purposefully brief and basic and can be re-purposed to your business headings and should serve as quick tips on some of the common areas of concern around self-assessment. 

They can also be used as marketing tools as quick guides with your business branding. Hopefully with these tools, you can educate your clients on the most frequently asked questions around tax returns.

Download each guide from our website.

Tax inspections and how to avoid them
Only some 7% of tax inspections are triggered at random – ‘so HMRC can check that they are targeting their inspections properly and also so that nobody feels safe’. The vast majority, though, happen when HMRC believes there's something wrong.

What to do when you lose your tax records
‘HMRC will expect you to make a “reasonable effort” to complete an accurate return - and there's a difference between losing records through circumstances beyond your control and losing records through shoddy filing,’ says Russell Cockburn, former tax inspector and now a tax consultant.

Home expenses to claim when you're self-employed FAQs
An expense is allowable as a deduction only if it is incurred 'wholly and exclusively' for business purposes, but it doesn't have to be billed separately nor does the part of your home have to be set aside permanently for business.