MTD for income tax

ACCA convenes HMRC and ACCA members to discuss MTD for ITSA

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On 23 June, ACCA convened the first meeting between HMRC MTD teams and a number of ACCA members.

HMRC began with an overview of the timeline for ITSA and some of the service elements that will be incorporated for customers.

Members were then invited to share their views on challenges for particular types of clients and offer suggestions. Members raised the importance of digital resources and HMRC guidance to demonstrate the importance of early preparation to clients, which could include pre-recorded content and infographics for both agents and customers. Others queried appropriate income thresholds for customers being brought into the scheme.

HMRC reinforced the stated timelines and championed the importance and influence of the agent community in bringing customers along. Officials relayed their gratitude for all member time dedicated to this and noted the value of input from the profession.

The group will continue to meet with HMRC officials in the run up to the introduction of MTD for ITSA, and ACCA will have continued direct contact with HMRC to ensure we can highlight any concerns in a timely manner.

Members wishing to share case studies or challenges can email ACCA’s policy team at Or, to have your say more regularly on the range of policy work we undertake, sign up to our Policy Insights Community.