Growing your practice through data-driven marketing

Dive into our podcast series in partnership with PracticeWeb

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Our podcast series in partnership with PracticeWeb looks at how to grow your practice through data-driven marketing. The series covers:

  • how to market your firm on a budget
  • how to use marketing to win the business you want
  • whether you should become a specialist firm with a niche focus
  • how to create a marketing strategy and plan for your practice
  • how marketing can help overcome the price objection.

The process of marketing is far more complex these days than it used to be, and the pace of change is accelerating, so keeping on top of it all is a challenge. That’s why ACCA and PracticeWeb put this series together.

PracticeWeb is a digital marketing agency working exclusively with accounting firms to help them grow through marketing, and has updated its free eBook, Content marketing for accountants, which takes you through key areas of content production:

‘When we talk about content marketing, we mean the process of generating engagement with your accountancy firm by providing material that will be genuinely helpful for clients and prospective clients. Content is typically cheaper than paid advertising but poor-quality content can turn off potential clients. And if it’s not unique, Google won’t rate it.’

Download the free eBook and listen to the podcasts on your preferred platform.