Master your digital future and MTD

Sage is back on the road, with a mission to drive imagination, empower and innovate. Featuring the Sage 4-Step Practice Success Plan, led by James Ashford

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Ready to engage clients, boost profitability and meet MTD for ITSA? Then look no further.

Sage is back on the road again this summer, coming to four UK cities, and can’t wait to showcase the latest tech and human support to help drive your MTD plans.

The Sage teams will be on hand to support you through the day with live product demonstrations, live calculations using the new ROI calculator and showcasing app partners' capabilities.

Designed exclusively for accountants and bookkeepers in practice, Sage has tailored an action-packed agenda so you can make the most of your precious time; this is going to be really hands on, allowing you to get stuck into your MTD planning.

You will get to hear from the Sage experts, living and breathing the latest MTD legislation, as they break down what steps you need to take now to be prepared for MTD ITSA.

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Featuring hot topics from the 4-Step Success Plan

The themes covered will help you stay on top of your game and give a fresh new take on the dynamics of how you can nail tomorrow’s challenges, elevate your performance, and maximise your potential for success:

  • Learn how to become more profitable
    What your journey looks like, the challenges, the opportunities, who is in the practice A team to drive success, set your goals and realise your vision.
  • Leveraging technology
    Define your roadmap, clearly mark the key destination points and the tactics you need to avoid potential obstacles. Every team member is critical, and process needs truly connected.
  • Value your service
    You are the trusted adviser; more than just a financial adviser, you are a part of each client's business and their team. Embark on the journey together, educate, communicate and strengthen relationships.
  • Finding efficiencies in your workflows
    A brilliant strategy and breakthrough technology can put you on the map, but only solid execution can keep you there. Gain long-term success through embracing change and adding value.


15 June, 9am-2pm

29 June, 9am-2pm

6 July, 9am-2pm

13 July, 9am-2pm

As there are limited places to these events, hurry and register now for your complimentary place!