Remote work could be key to Britain's 'Levelling Up' plan

New research finds remote work could enable 13 million people to live and work outside the UK's major economic hubs

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More than half of Brits (53%) still feel living in a major city is important for their career, yet only 15% would continue to live in the city if they had the same career prospects living elsewhere.

Remote work could enable over 13 million Brits* to seize the opportunity to live and work outside the major cities, helping to spread economic opportunity across the UK, according to research released today by ClickUp, the all-in-one productivity platform.

The research found that 45% of the UK workforce believe working remotely from wherever they’d like on a permanent basis is a realistic option. More than half (53%) of Brits believe that living in a major city is important to their career advancement; however if they had the same career prospects living elsewhere as they do now, only 15% of people would choose to continue living in the city.

The UK government recently announced its Levelling Up plan, which aims to bring gigabit broadband to 85% of the UK, and £1bn to deliver 4G coverage to 95% of the country by the end of 2025, among other measures to reduce regional inequality.

The new research from ClickUp suggests that remote work could play a major role in helping the government achieve its key objective and level the economic playing field across the country.

However, remote work does not come without its challenges; ClickUp’s research revealed the top areas that need improvement to make remote work a permanent reality, according to the workforce:

  • ways of communicating (19%)
  • managing employees (17%)
  • managing workloads and projects (17%)
  • too much importance is given to face-to-face meetings (17%)
  • software and tools (16%)

Managing and measuring productivity becomes even more important with distributed workforces, yet less than a fifth (19%) believe their employer’s able to do this well.

In fact, data shows there is significant room for improvement with close to half (44%) of Brits rating their employer's ability to measure productivity as average or below average.

* The Office for National Statistics’ most timely estimate of payrolled employees indicates that in December 2021 there were 29.5 million employees in the UK

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