Secrets of successful advisers

Learn the strategies for a successful practice from the best

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When Will Farnell founded Farnell Clarke in 2007, his mission was clear – to simplify accountancy for clients. Over the years, he has gained invaluable insights and wisdom in the field. At Futrli, we had the privilege of delving deeper into his expert recommendations for firms aiming to scale their advisory services.

Discover Will's strategies for success:

  1. Knowing when to charge for advice: Will Farnell understands the delicate balance between providing value and maintaining a sustainable business. He shares his thought process on determining when it's appropriate to charge for advisory services. Learn how he strikes the perfect balance and ensures fairness for both his clients and his firm.
  2. Nurturing client relationships: Building strong client relationships is at the heart of any successful advisory practice. Will Farnell reveals his tried-and-tested techniques for cultivating meaningful connections with clients. Discover how he goes beyond the numbers to truly understand their needs and aspirations, fostering long-lasting partnerships.
  3. Leveraging technology to enhance advisory capacity: In today's digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in unlocking a firm's advisory potential. Will Farnell shares his insights into harnessing technology to streamline processes, increase efficiency and expand the scope of advisory services. Find out how he stays ahead of the curve and leverages technology to drive growth.

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