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SMP100 Malaysia - your launchpad to the network of SMPs in Malaysia

ACCA Malaysia introduced SMP100, a network for professionals in small and medium practices (SMPs) to share industry insights and grow to meet the evolving demands of their primary customers – SMEs.

The aim is to grow the network to hundreds of like-minded practitioners. Since its inception in Malaysia in June 2020, SMP100 is growing steadily to achieve its first hundred firms in 2021. 

Virtual programmes are put together monthly with various partners to support SMPs in the areas of improving attractiveness to prospective clients and talents, enhancing audit quality, digitalisation, actionable insights, branding, leadership skills, practice management, quality management, diversity and sustainability. 

To support working capital needs of members in SMPs affected by the pandemic, as part of SMP100, ACCA Malaysia facilitated financing facilities through a multinational bank headquartered in Malaysia. 

Furthermore, a Technology-aided Audit Programme (or ‘TAP’) – a series of practical audit workshops infused with automation and cloud technology to help  was is being rolled out to help SMPs improve audit quality and efficiency. 

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ACCA AccXelerator Programme - Singapore

The ACCA AccXelerator Programme is a 6-month business transformation programme aimed at helping SMPs increase their revenue through technology adoption and venturing abroad with new innovative services. 

It requires a total mindset change in the SMP leadership in order to overcome existing obstacles to growth and develop innovative capabilities to exploit the increasing demand for professional services in the region.

The learning journey will empower and enable participants to build, develop and implement their Strategic Plan and explore new opportunities. The programme comprises of the following structured components:

  • Phase 1: Orientation and Ideation 

  • Phase 2: Strategy Development

  • Phase 3: Strategy Implementation

(Total of 41.5 structured training hours)

Additional resources (covering the full 6-month duration):

  • Mentoring by member volunteers

  • Access to expert sessions organised by members’ interest groups and programme partners

  • Access to ACCA CPDs (additional fees may apply)

  • Access to ACCA global SMP network for collaboration opportunities

Programme Partners:

  • Singapore Accountancy Commission

  • SME Centre@SMCCI

  • NTUC U Associate

  • Xero

Please contact Mitchell at or Lyesin at for further enquiries about this programme

SMP100 Hong Kong

SMP100 in ACCA Hong Kong welcomes any Hong Kong member who is employed in or owns an SMP. The group is encouraged to exchange ideas and share experience regarding work issues they encountered on the WhatsApp platform.

There are also sharing sessions among the group led by subject experts or SMP100 members on topical issues regarding SMP/SME such as adoption of technology to enhance work efficiency of the practice. Cross market discussion can also be facilitated by exchange with SMP100 in ACCA Malaysia.

For any member working in the SMP sector who is interested to join and share, please contact Jasmine Choi at for more details.