Attestation of ACCA certificates

ACCA certificates are attested by the British Council.

Find the contact details of the British Council in your country

ACCA-AAA strategic partnership

As a result of a strategic partnership between ACCA and AAA in the United Arab Emirates, ACCA members resident in the UAE will be eligible to apply for AAA membership at no additional cost.

This partnership will enhance your recognition as a finance professional in the region with dual membership of ACCA and AAA. You will become part of an exciting and innovative network working towards developing a leading financial centre in the UAE and the wider region. This is a very exciting time to be part of such an influential partnership and its success relies heavily on the knowledge and experience that you can bring to help develop the profession.

Find out more about the ACCA-AAA partnership and what this means for members in the UAE.

ethiXbase - ethics and anti-corruption compliance

Are you looking to build your knowledge in ethics and compliance, certify your skills and ensure transparency in your third party network?

We have partnered with ethiXbase, a leading provider of ethics and anti-corruption compliance intelligence solutions to provide ACCA members with unparalleled access to compliance and ethics information, technology and solutions.

Find out more about ethiXbase and the benefits to our members, or alternatively visit the ethiXbase website.