The United Arab Emirates Chartered Accountant Qualification (UAECA)

An exciting, career enhancing opportunity for ACCA students in the UAE to gain a local and global professional accountancy qualification.

The ACCA-AAA strategic partnership

ACCA have signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement with the prestigious local accountancy body of UAE – AAA (Accountants and Auditors Association) to enhance the finance sector in the UAE.

As part of this agreement, a new national qualification has been implemented - the United Arab Emirates Chartered Accountant Qualification (UAECA).

The UAECA Qualification

The new national chartered accountant qualification of the UAE – UAECA has ACCA Qualification as its basis. Our partnership provides a dual-branded, internationally recognised, IFAC compliant route to membership of both AAA and ACCA.

  • Achieving UAECA provides you with skills and knowledge which are relevant to any business and in any finance role.
  • You achieve a qualification which gives you global and local prestige. 
  • Completing the qualification helps you in developing globally and locally relevant knowledge and skills.
  • Enhance your reputation as a finance professional in the region with dual membership of AAA and ACCA.
  • Provide you with enhanced employment opportunities across all business sectors.

What this means for ACCA students

This unique partnership between ACCA and AAA gives you access to a national qualification making your skills and knowledge globally and locally relevant. Once you qualify as an ACCA member you will also be eligible to apply for membership of AAA, meaning you can use the titles ACCA and UAECA after your name. And because this partnership supports the government’s initiative to develop the accountancy & finance profession you will benefit from enhanced career opportunities as more employers and stakeholders choose to work with us moving forward.

From December 2014 all ACCA exams in the UAE areoperated under a Joint Examination Scheme (JES) with AAA. This means that all ACCA exams in the UAE are co-branded. However, no changes have been made to the syllabus, structure, delivery and content of the ACCA exams at this stage.

As a student, studying the ACCA Qualification or planning to register for the qualification, you are not required to do any additional work to achieve this national qualification. There is no additional financial commitment to you. You will continue to pay the existing subscription, exam and other fees to ACCA. This means once you have successfully obtained ACCA membership, you can also apply for membership of AAA at no extra cost.

What this means for ACCA afilliates

Once you gain your ACCA membership you will also be eligible to apply for membership of AAA at no extra cost. This means you get to use the designations of ACCA and UAECA after your name, demonstrating your local and global relevance as finance professional

As an affiliate, you should continue to work towards achieving ACCA membership. As soon as you are admitted to the ACCA membership, you will also be eligible to apply for the membership of AAA which means you will gain two designations – ACCA and UAECA – for all your hard work.