5. Post exam options

If technical issues impact your exam day you may wish to use our post-exam day options. You can self-serve these options using Exam Planner.

Post-exam options eligibility

To be eligible to use our rebook option

You must have:

  • attempted to check-in for your exam
  • experienced a technical issue during your exam which has impacted your ability to complete the exam. 

To be eligible to use our withdrawal option

In addition to meeting the rebook criteria, you must also:

  • have successfully passed the mandatory system test via Exam Planner at some point between the previous exam session finishing and before starting your exam check-in process.* 
  • If you perform multiple mandatory system tests ahead of exam check-in, the last mandatory system test result must be a pass.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for either our rebook or withdrawal post-exam options, you will not be able to use our post-exam options.

*Students entered for a remote session exam for the first time will need to pass the system test after booking their exam and before checking-in for their exam.

Withdrawal restrictions

In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary for ACCA to remove the option for individual students to withdraw their exam as a result of technical issues.

Help completing the mandatory system test

Watch our tutorial video below for support on how to complete your mandatory system test.

How to complete mandatory system test video

Rebook using Exam Planner

Students who experience technical issues can use Exam Planner to rebook their exam for our contingency week. This option is available for all exams apart from some variants - view the timetable for information on when these are scheduled.

If you have to rebook your exam, you should be aware that

  • Your original exam attempt will not be marked and you will not receive a result for this attempt.
  • It is not possible to retract a rebooking request.
  • Rebookings must be made at least 48 hours ahead of the scheduled contingency exam date.

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on to rebook your exam using Exam Planner.

Rebook exam for following week

Withdraw using Exam Planner

If you are unable to rebook your exam for the contingency week you have the option of withdrawing your exam using Exam Planner and receiving a credit for your exam fee.  

If you withdraw your exam, you should be aware that:

  • You can only withdraw your exam after any rebook option has passed i.e. after the exam has been scheduled in the contingency week. You must also do so before the withdrawal deadline.
  • Your exam attempt will not be marked and you will not receive a result.
  • It is not possible to retract a withdrawal request

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on to withdraw your exam using Exam Planner.

Withdraw your exam and receive credit

Mitigating circumstances

Alternatively, if you have experienced technical issues which have negatively impacted your performance, but you have been able to either:

  • complete your exam, or 
  • feel you have completed enough exam content to pass

you may wish to apply for mitigating circumstances. These circumstances will be taken into consideration during the results process. 

Mitigating circumstances is available to all students, regardless of whether they meet the withdrawal eligibility criteria. Applications can be made via your myACCA account and must be submitted by the relevant deadline

Visit our mitigating circumstances page for more information.

FAQs relating to post-exam options

If you have any further questions relating to your post-exam options you may wish to visit our remote session FAQs page