Probate and estate administration skills

We’ve partnered with BARBRI Altior on a range of new training courses


The demand for wills and probate services across the globe does not appear to be slowing. As you continue to serve your clients, working closely together as they navigate another ‘new normal’, it's natural for you to be considered a trusted adviser to help handle such personal matters.

To make this possible, we are pleased to announce that BARBRI Altior’s Probate and Estate Administration course will return in October via BARBRI Altior’s virtual classroom, Live Online, helping you to support your clients through the whole process.

A tailored solution for ACCA members, this training will provide your practice with the opportunity to become authorised to undertake non-contentious probate work. Numerous members have already become authorised since its launch in 2018 and it’s helping to improve client relationships across the UK.

The next round of training and assessment will take place on the following dates via Live Online:


  • Session 1: 18 October
  • Session 2: 20 October
  • Session 3: 22 October
  • Session 4: 25 October
  • Session 5: 27 October
  • Session 6: 29 October


  • 15 November

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