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Experience our global and regional practical initiatives and resources to support the SMP community


ACCA has created various global and regional practical initiatives and resources to support the SMP community in their transformational journey that is so crucial in supporting sustainable recovery of the small business sector. 

A new global Practice Connect online hub contains articles, reports, podcasts and guides that help smaller practices grow, navigate the digital transformation, and train and develop their team. The innovative hub is a collaborative space where SMPs from all around the world can connect, share and learn from each other. The online guides cover: 

  • Starting your practice: Whether you are going it alone or setting up in a small team, we provide information on rules and standards, naming and structuring your practice, what tech to use, and more.
  • Growing your practice: The resources on offer – podcasts, articles, guides and community meetings – aim to support you in growing sustainably, leveraging technology, improving processes, developing your services, and branding your practice the way you like.
  • Developing talent: We offer expert advice on how you can attract, recruit, develop and manage top talent.
  • Networking and events: Discover industry innovations, stay on top of regulations, plus network with, and learn from, like-minded professionals from the global SMP community. Through the Practice Room meetings, you can ask questions and share your experiences with some of today’s most forward-thinking minds in accountancy.

The Hub also hosts The Practice Roomwhich includes a series of virtual sessions hosted by 15 international practitioner members, where SMPs can gather to talk, share, be heard, exchange ideas and learn from other like-minded practitioners. 

Over 50 sessions have been scheduled for the first six months, covering broad topics – various issues related to digitalisation, such as transforming a traditional practice into a digital one, to automation, use of apps and AI (Artificial Intelligence), talent management and development, sustainability, marketing and branding, practice growth strategy and wellbeing. Each session is open to all and free of charge. Coming up:

29 June: Unpacking the ACCA professional quotients
Hosted by Heather Smith in Australia

1 July: Attracting and retaining talent as an SMP
Co-hosted by Vintoria Bernard and Horace Gyles in Jamaica

7 July: The post pandemic HR management norms
Hosted by Rosanna Choi in Hong Kong

8 July: Tomorrow’s accountant
Hosted by Stacy-Ann Golding in Jamaica

13 July: How are you offering management accounting or advisory services to your clients?
Hosted by Heather Smith in Australia

14 July: Work-life balance
Hosted by Arshad Gadit in Dubai

21 July: Attracting, retaining and nurturing talent
Hosted by Alastair Barlow in the UK

27 July: Unlocking international ambitions
Hosted by Heather Smith in Australia

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