To do this, we must shape a new relationship between business, policymakers, the public sector and wider society, learning the lessons of the past few years and embracing the positives.

This is where the accountancy profession comes in. With skills, knowledge, and experience that transcend sectors and borders, and influence that touches on all aspects of society, the accountancy profession is uniquely placed to help drive the change people want to see in the world.

What can we do?

Recognising our role, we’re inviting governments, policymakers, regulators, international organisations and others to take part in our Big Conversation creating a better world that works for everyone.

The primary objective of our Big Conversation is to stimulate discussion, the exchange of ideas and solutions, and inspire individual action.

Get involved

Host your own community conversation – Our step-by-step guide provides everything you need to run a Big Conversation. This could be within your workplace, education institution or with others in your professional network.

Our guide is designed to help you run a 90-minute conversation with up to twelve people. If you have more than twelve people taking part then it may be better to split into smaller groups, so everyone can contribute to the conversation.

The questions and script will guide you and participants through the conversation. We’ve included some facilitator discussion tips for each question to help participants think about what Accounting for a better world means and to stimulate deeper conversations about the strategic imperative to place the accountancy profession - and ACCA - at heart of the pivotal changes taking place in the world.