How do we achieve this? It starts by developing the accountancy profession the world needs.

It’s our vision to ensure that accountancy is:

  • working in the public interest to build confidence and create the conditions for thriving sustainable economies
  • helping organisations create, protect and report on the value they create for themselves, society and the planet
  • working to a single set of global standards that underpin a sustainable and fair global economy
  • actively driving inclusion, diversity and social mobility by providing access to education opportunities to all
  • bringing the relevant, forward-thinking business and finance skills needed to drive innovation and change
  • placing ethics and professionalism at the heart of education programmes and as a condition of ongoing professional membership.

A call to action

Organisations - in both the private and public sector - must adopt and implement global standards to drive accountability and trust in national economies, attracting investment and facilitating international trade.

Governments and policymakers must make it a priority to strengthen and grow the accountancy profession, and adopt policies and regulations that drive sustainable business practices. It’s critical that SMEs/SMPs are reflected in these economic policies in order to drive entrepreneurship that contributes to sustainable economic growth.

This includes the development of fair and inclusive education policies that enable anyone to access professional qualifications in finance and accountancy. Policymakers must create access to funding and vocational routes, and champion the employment and development of finance and accountancy professionals across all sectors to deliver thriving, ethical and sustainable businesses and economies.

How we can work together in building sustainable economies

ACCA brings a global perspective to national challenges by sharing our knowledge to shape the development of national accountancy professions, and by advising on policies, standards and regulations that drive sustainable and ethical business practices.

Through our connections into the SME/SMP community, we provide the practical insights to inform the design of policies that ensure this sector thrives.

We also provide access to a global community of qualified accountants, so organisations have access to the skills they need.

To secure the development of a skilled workforce, ACCA provides market-leading expertise on finance and accounting capabilities and required qualifications - and we can advise on fair and inclusive educational policies, funding models and vocational routes.

By drawing on our global community, we facilitate connections that contribute to drive forward national skill agendas, and can share our experience of successful initiatives that have bridged national skills gaps relating to finance and accountancy.