This includes ratification of the examination results and other matters relating to the integrity of the qualifications process. It is made up of a lay majority. The Chair is appointed by the Regulatory Board and is drawn from its membership. However, the other members are separate to the Regulatory Board to enable the Board to take a more detached view of the work of the Qualifications Board.

  • Terms of Reference
    1. To receive reports on the conduct of ACCA's examinations sessions.
    2. To ratify ACCA's examination results.
    3. To oversee the quality and relevance of ACCA's Qualification. 
    4. To oversee the quality and relevance of ACCA's CPD Framework.
    5. To keep under review current and future education and learning issues affecting ACCA students and members and the integrity of the qualification process.
    6. To be the governing body for ACCA's examinations and qualifications in accordance with lead regulator requirements. 
    7. To report back to the Regulatory Board on matters which the Board has considered. 
  • Dates of meetings

    12 January 2024

    12 April 2024 

    12 July 2024 

    11 October 2024