We're a membership body which accredits and supports professional accountants all over the world.

Since we were founded in 1904, we've been proud to lead the profession and thanks to us, hundreds of thousands of people have rewarding careers in accountancy. 

We support 241,000 members and 542,000 future members throughout their careers. Our network of 117 offices and centres around the world means that exams and services are delivered locally to our customers - wherever they're based.

Our people enjoy a working environment that is dynamic, human and connected, and have a strong focus on creating value for our students and members.

So what do we actually do?

  • create excellent accountancy qualifications
  • co-ordinate multiple exam cycles: from production and venue management, through to marking and results distribution
  • provide great 24/7 customer service support for our students and members
  • develop CPD resources to keep our members up to date
  • hold events to give our stakeholders valuable networking opportunities 
  • work with governments, regulators and employers to help to develop the accountancy profession in economies where it’s needed
  • provide advice and support to the rest of the accountancy profession
  • monitor our students, members and employers to ensure that they comply with our regulations
  • produce respected research to ensure we lead thinking, influence public policy and shape business practice on key issues affecting the accountancy and finance profession
  • represent ACCA, the public interest and the views of our members at important local, regional and international organisations
  • use our international research and technical programme to provide new thinking, analysis and practical recommendations for the profession and wider business.

What kind of roles do we have?

Our goal is to be number one in developing the accountancy profession the world needs. To help us to achieve it, we need over 1,300 different job roles.

Here's just a flavour of the many roles we employ: accountants, technical experts, exam production managers, qualification specialists, HR professionals, IT programmers, product specialists, marketers, sales, business development and relationship managers, lawyers, research analysts, brand experts, web designers, event co-ordinators, project managers, PR professionals, editors, designers, business analysts and lots more besides.

What makes us so special?

We feel it's the quality of the students and members we attract, the integrity of the qualifications we offer, and the reach of the employer networks that we have.

Above all, it's our people who create our unique culture. You can see from our history timeline how we've innovated and changed over the years, but we always stay true to our values, and that makes us a great place to work.

We offer a fast-paced working environment where people with ambition and drive flourish. The world changes quickly, and we need to be constantly alert to trends, anticipating change and adapting so that we're always offering our members and students the very best.