Our digital transformation

Our finance digital transformation is changing the way we transact and collaborate with our suppliers and partners. We’ve made changes to our e-invoicing system to make it easier and quicker to do business with ACCA; making it easier for suppliers to register, send us invoices and check the status of invoices and payments.

What does this mean for our suppliers?

We’re updating our e-invoicing receiving system, provided by Basware. For suppliers based in the UK, Ireland and India, we can only accept supplier invoices submitted to us through the Basware network.


Moving to e-invoicing will improve automation, shorten our invoices process and ensure we can pay our suppliers on time. Our suppliers and partners will also enjoy other benefits such as:

  • the ability to manage and update your own company information, including contact and payment details
  • greater visibility on the status of your invoices and payments on the e-invoicing portal
  • automated email remittance advice advices.

We will soon introduce a new service, 'PO Flip' for suppliers who submit manual key in invoices through the Basware portal. This will enable you to 'flip' a purchase order sent to you and convert it to an electronic invoice at the click of a button.