What you need to do

To ensure no delays in payment for your services and goods, you need to register to send invoices to us on the Basware network.

How you do this

You’ll receive an email from ACCA via Basware, inviting you to register on the Basware network. Select the ‘Share your information today’ link in the email to start the registration process and create your account to send us e-invoices.

When creating your account, you'll agree to maintain your company and payment details, directly in the account in the Basware portal.

Selecting your method of submitting invoices

You’ll be asked to choose an e-invoicing service i.e. your method of submitting invoices to ACCA. There are two options:

  • Suppliers who are tax registered must select to ‘send PDF invoices by email’
  • Suppliers who are not tax registered must select to send invoices by manual ‘Key-in and send invoices online’*. 

If the wrong e-invoicing service is selected, invoices may not be received and payments will be impacted.

You’ll need your company information, contact information and bank account details to complete your registration.

Step-by-step video guide

It's simple and easy to register. Watch our training videos for a step-by-step guide on registering

Access our guidance on sending PDF invoices by email or sending key-in invoices, which includes using the supplier portal to view the status of your invoices and payments.