Do I need to become a Chartered Accountant of Singapore to work in Singapore?

The Singapore CA Qualification is the national CA qualification, developed by the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC), and administered by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA). SAC is a statutory body under the Ministry of Finance.

Only public accountants in Singapore are required to be Chartered Accountant of Singapore in accordance to the Singapore Accountants Act. You are not affected if you are seeking employment in the majority of non-public accountant roles

Note: There is currently no direct pathway for ACCA members to become Chartered Accountants of Singapore. This is a temporary transition period as the negotiation for a Reciprocal Membership Agreement (RMA) with ISCA is still underway.

For more information about CA Singapore.

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Can I continue to study ACCA in Singapore?

Yes, you may continue your studies towards the ACCA qualification while you are residing in Singapore. However, this will be subject to your successful application for a student pass through the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore

For the ACCA Qualification we strongly recommend that you study through an Approved Learning Partner. These partners are continually assessed by ACCA for the quality of their course delivery and analysis shows that students who study with one of our Approved Learning Partners perform much better in the exams.

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How can I sit an exam within Singapore?

Find the most up to date information on exam availability and booking.  If you require support, contact us.

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Are you able to help me obtain a work visa for Singapore?

In accordance to the government regulation, the above request can only be handled by the employer. We will be unable to assist you with this request. 

For more information about the various passes and permits in Singapore, visit the Ministry of Manpower website.


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I recently moved to Singapore. How do I get access to local events and information?

We are happy to have you added to our local member database once you have made the transition to make sure you are included in future member events.

Please remember to update your official residential address in MyACCA to Singapore and enable the communication option to receive ACCA emails. You will then be automatically included in our mailing list. Do also remember to contact or visit our ACCA Singapore office so that we can provide other assistance and support.

We use your email address as a part of allowing you to access to your account. We use your home mailing address to know which local chapter to assign you to for events and local meetings. We use your country of origin to better create resources to new members arriving to Singapore. Please follow this link for further information regarding ACCA’s privacy use.


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Where can I get more information about travelling to Singapore?

The Singapore tourism board has a very useful website that may have answers to all your questions about Singapore. Find out more.

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Where can I find out more about the accountancy/business landscape in Singapore?

We have included some useful links to give you a better understanding of the Singapore accountancy and business landscape:

Market Demand for Professional Business and Advisory Services (PDF, 375 kB)

Accounting Entities Census (PDF, 213 kB)

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