USA academic partnerships

Our USA academic partnerships enable current and prospective ACCA students to continue their education in the United States and gain ACCA exemptions, while working towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a valued and impressive US university.

These academic partnerships are designed to allow the ACCA student or prospective student to complete their studies in the US and gain valuable experience with US culture, society, and companies.

Additionally, the ACCA North America team is working on future relationships with other colleges and universities to provide opportunities for students to complete both the ACCA Qualification and an American degree concurrently. 

Please note: These programs are designed for existing or new ACCA students.  Universities in the USA will not grant credit towards completed ACCA coursework. There are no expedited routes of study for ACCA members.

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ACCA USA is partnered with multiple schools, both undergraduate and graduate, across the United States of America.