Working and studying in Ireland

ACCA Ireland video presentation: A guide to coming to Ireland

Non-EEA students not currently resident in Ireland

ACCA Ireland receives enquiries from non-EEA students who may wish to come to Ireland to study for their ACCA exams on a part-time basis.  

Since July 2019 a new immigration regime for non-EEA students wishing to study in Ireland has been published. The arrangements clarify the position regarding the time allowed for trainee accountants to complete their qualifications, academic and professional progress, the rules regarding changing courses and work placements.  Please note that training as an Accounting Technician in Ireland is not permitted under this scheme.

ACCA Ireland is unable to directly assist individual non-EEA students who wish to relocate to Ireland and students are advised to contact the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services website for details of immigration visas available and the guidelines to follow if they wish to study for their ACCA exams in Ireland.

Non-EEA students who are already resident in Ireland on Stamp 1A

These students must they renew Stamp 1A permission on an annual basis while they are sitting for their ACCA exams.  If a non-EEA student wishes to renew their Stamp 1A and they are residing in Dublin, they should note the following:

The online Registration Renewal system currently in place for non-EEA students is now available for all non-nationals resident in Dublin.  This means anyone looking to renew their registration will no longer have to book an appointment and attend the registration office in person. However, please note that this system may be replaced with the previous requirement to attend the registration office in person at a future date.

Please log on to the Immigration online booking system pages to book an appointment to renew the Stamp 1A online at least 6 weeks before the permission is due to expire.  When renewing Stamp 1A online, students will need to ensure they upload the following documents:

  • Biometric page of your current valid passport(s)
  • The front and back of your current IRP card
  • Proof of private medical insurance

In addition to the above, the following documents should also be uploaded

  • Employment contract
  • Proof of attendance at Platinum or Gold ACCA approved learning partner where a student is studying to prepare to take their ACCA exams
  • Individual ACCA exam history transcript which can be downloaded from individual my ACCA accounts.

For students who reside outside Dublin, these students will need to contact their local immigration office via email to arrange a time to register.  Please note that students may be required to provide the same information that is required by non-EEA students who renew their Stamp1A in Dublin

For further information on the current renewals process, please consult the Required Documents Reference Guide for renewals which can be found in the related documents section.

Non-EEA students – first time registration on a Stamp1A or transferring from a 1G or Stamp 2

For non-EEA students wishing to register for the first time on a Stamp 1A including those transferring from a Stamp 1G or a Stamp 2 to a 1A, students should access the details of how to do this on the Irish immigration website

Please visit the Immigration’s new website to find answers to frequently asked questions that might assist you. You can also:

In addition to the IRP Documents required, students will need to provide the following documentation which may be possible to upload as part of the registration process.

  • An original employer’s letter confirming that the student is working in a relevant accounts related role in a finance or accounting function that is supervised and verified by a qualified accountant
  • Proof of registration as a student with ACCA together with confirmation of any exemptions (if applicable) received from ACCA.
  • An official college letter from either a Platinum or Gold Approved Learning Partner confirming the name of the subjects the student will be taking with the Approved Learning Partner. Please note that under the conditions of Stamp 1A students must attend classroom-based lectures for at least one of the subjects they are studying

Failure to supply the above information will result in the application for registration being refused.

All non-EEA students who are registered with ACCA as a Trainee Accountant must attempt a minimum of four ACCA exams per year.  They must pass at least two of these exams per year, and successfully complete at least two professional training objectives, as set down in their training contract, each year.

All non-EEA students should familiarise themselves with all conditions attaching to Stamp 1A that are outlined in the document “Immigration conditions for non-EEA Stamp 1A trainee accountants” which can be found in the related documents area on this page.