The Simpson Scholarship rewards talented ACCA students who have performed excellently in ACCA exams.

Gifted by Muriel Simpson FCCA, the scholarship fund aims to recognise students’ hard work and dedication, and celebrate their success with ACCA.

Every year, five ACCA students are chosen to receive the scholarship. They will have proven themselves to be of sufficient merit and distinction in ACCA exams.

How students benefit

The Simpson Scholarship covers the costs of ACCA subscription fees and exams for five years, or until students become ACCA members – whichever is sooner.  And then, it covers the cost of their admission to ACCA membership.

As an added bonus, scholarship winners will also get a set of learning materials from one of our Approved Content Providers for each ACCA exam they are currently studying for.

The scholarship fund pays:

  • exam fees*
  • annual student subscription fees*
  • annual affiliate subscription fees*
  • membership admission fee**.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the qualification criteria and submit a 1,000-word essay. Please see the ‘Am I eligible?’ and ‘How do I apply?’ pages for further details.

Opening date

The opening date for 2024 applications is Monday, 15 April 2024.

Find out more

Am I eligible?
How do I apply?
What happens next?
About the scholarship

Outstanding performance should get the appreciation it deserves - check your eligibility and submit your application right away.


*For five years, or until the student becomes an ACCA member – whichever is sooner.

**This does not include the annual ACCA membership subscription fee.