How do I apply?

If you meet the eligibility criteria for the Scholarship then the next step is to submit your application to ACCA.

You, the applicant, must write an essay entitled:

'How the award of a Scholarship will help me to realise my full potential'.

When the judging panel are deciding on the winning essays, they are looking for five that will really inspire them and where they can see that the candidate will really benefit from receiving it. So think about how the Simpson Scholarship will benefit and make a difference to you and tell us about it. 

For example, it could be

  • how it will make a positive contribution to your career
  • how it will make a positive contribution to the community in which you live
  • how it will make a positive contribution to the accounting profession in your country
  • how it will help with your journey to membership.

Your essay must be personal to you and inspiring.

Your application must be accompanied by a Scholarship submission form including two references. Full criteria for the essay and Scholarship Submission form can be found in the sections below.

Essay check list

Submitting your application 

Completed applications must be submitted by email to:  

Please do not submit queries about the Scholarship to this mailbox as you will not receive a response. Any queries you have should be directed to ACCA Connect

ACCA cannot accept any responsibility for postal applications that do not arrive before the closing date.

Opening date

The opening date for 2024 applications is Monday, 15 April 2024.

Closing date 

The closing date for 2024 applications is Friday, 21 June 2024.

The Simpson Scholarship Fund (the fund) may use your personal data for the purposes of:

  • application and administration of the fund
  • evaluation of your eligibility for scholarship benefits
  • publicising the fund if you have given such permission to ACCA
  • responding to enquiries and investigating complaints
  • complying with our regulatory obligations

You can update your information at any time, by contacting us.  We may share information with the scholarship fund, board of trustees and with our auditors.  Please note that for individuals based outside the UK, your information will be held in the Fund’s main information systems which are located in the EU.

For more information on how your information and rights are respected, please access our privacy notice or contact