Sage Inspire Me: MTD edition

Get all the latest information and support to guide you through MTD for ITSA

Inspire Me is a thought-provoking series of engaging and entertaining events designed exclusively for accountants and bookkeepers in practice. This MTD series brings you the latest information and support for your practice to help you prepare for MTD for ITSA in 2024.

With 500 working days to go, now is the time to ensure your practice is prepared. We bring the latest insight to you from the experts at HMRC, Sage, and likeminded accountants.

Running from 21 March, four exclusive, not-to-be-missed sessions will cover the latest insights on MTD.

Here is a taster of the upcoming series:

  • 22 March: HMRC Q&A Roundtable (live panel)
    Featuring experts from Sage and HMRC
  • 24 March: MTD: your first 100 Days plan
    Focusing your attention and outlining clear actions that need to be taken in the next 100 days
  • 29 March: Taking control of MTD
    What clients want vs what clients need
  • 31 March: The digital myth – is my firm truly digitised?

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