DfE's Skills for Jobs: Implementing a new FE funding and accountability system - consultation response

ACCA welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Department for Education’s consultation on Skills for Jobs: Implementing a new FE funding and accountability system.

Feedback from ACCA’s network indicates strong employer demand across all levels of provision, however the most consistent levels of interest are for levels 4-7 from employers looking to bring on ‘workplace ready’ talent.

One of the primary challenges for employers when considering candidates at levels 2 and 3 is the lack of basic skills required to progress into more technical study, leading to concerns around retention. While the recently announced 'Multiply’ scheme is a welcome step towards supporting individuals with basic numeracy skills – literacy skills alongside soft skills are consistent areas of concern.

A large proportion of individuals at levels 2 and 3 lack the confidence to engage and collaborate with key stakeholders in a work-based environment, this can include when engaging virtually either over the phone or via online conferencing. We are committed to providing high quality support and access to opportunity for all who seek to grow and develop their potential through a range of activities and provision.

To read the response in full, please download the consultation response document on this page.