Attention! HMRC’s agent dedicated helpline

HMRC has issued a statement about support available on the agent dedicated line throughout January

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HMRC's statement is as follows:

From 1 January 2023 until 31 January 2023 the Agent Dedicated Line (ADL) will only be able to answer questions on complex SA queries. This is to make sure we can support you to complete your clients’ SA returns. 

The SA peak is always our busiest time. To help us provide the best service we can through the SA peak, we want to make sure that you always use our digital services where possible and only use the ADL for SA related enquires. If you need to ring for other reasons throughout January you should use the normal customer lines where they will get answered, but it may take a little longer than usual.

You should: 

  • use the Agent Dashboard for the quickest way to establish when to expect a reply from HMRC to a query or request
  • sign up for the Income Record Viewer service as an agent to access pay and tax details, employment history and tax codes
  • remind customers to use their Personal Tax Account (PTA) to access general tax information and employment histories. Customers can also use their PTA to request a SA302

We receive lots of calls to the ADL which are not complex enquiries: for example, PAYE queries in relation to progress-chasing, queries about general tax information and employment histories. You can get these answers on our self-serve digital channels.

HMRC’s Agent Dedicated Line is 0300 200 3311. You cannot use the helpline to check progress or ask about tax and employment history. Before calling the agent dedicated line, you can check when you can expect a reply and use the Income Record Viewer.