HSE upgrades health and safety support for small employers

Online information is now more easy to access

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Small employers will welcome improvements to the structure of the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) online guidance, to help them find and understand what they need to do to comply with health and safety law more quickly and easily.    

One improvement is the publication of a short, new introductory guide ‘Introduction to managing health and safety’ to give users an overview of what managing health and safety means, advice on guidance appropriate to their operations and how to manage health and safety in a simple and proportionate way in practice in a small, low-risk business, as well as specific information on applicable law.

The HSE has also launched a new ‘workplace, health, safety and welfare’ website topic to provide a one-stop shop for small employers, containing guidance on legal issues, including workplace temperature, ventilation, signage and emergency procedures.

Employers should check out the new introductory guide on the GOV.UK website and the new workplace, health, safety and welfare topic on the HSE website.

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