Transforming practices and achieving greater control

Practical tips and real-life experiences explored in ‘Unlocking hidden profits’ webinar

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This month ACCA was joined by Ignition on the webinar, ‘Unlocking Hidden Profits: Dive into Efficiencies and Boost Your Bottom Line’. Joanne Bateman, Rebecca Mihalic and Peter Morgan were present to share their practical knowledge, providing valuable insights and entertainment throughout the session.

During this webinar, we explored practical tips, advice and real-life examples of how Joanne, Rebecca and Peter successfully transformed their practices. Their goal was to achieve better results and regain control not only in their professional lives but also in their personal lives. Throughout the webinar, we aimed to offer you practical tips to guide your own practice forward.

We delved into their business and the services they offer to clients, as well as the challenges and opportunities they encountered. Specifically, we focused on the importance of workflow and the challenges and opportunities that arose from it.

The discussion revolved around the inefficiencies in internal workflows and the corresponding processes. The existing disjointed workflow necessitated excessive manual intervention, which emerged as a major bottleneck in the overall process. However, we emphasised that technology and well-designed systems can alleviate these challenges. By implementing streamlined solutions and integrating interconnected technologies, automation and data triggers can greatly mitigate such issues.

In our discussion, we also tackled the risks associated with scope creep and the actions implemented to minimise them. Furthermore, we delved into methods for actively involving the team throughout the process. It became evident that team members needed to take ownership of their knowledge of the software, offer training to their peers, stay informed about any modifications or advancements, and ensure efficient utilisation of the software. This comprehensive approach encompassed the platform, the process and the people involved, emphasising the significance of change management in successfully implementing such solutions.

The webinar successfully provided valuable insights into the past experiences of Joanne, Rebecca and Peter, showcasing their achievements in transforming their practices and achieving greater control.

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