Firms that advise

Harnessing technology to support advisory

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Helen Cockle, COO at Futrli by Sage, took to the stage at Accountex London 2023 to introduce ACCA’s latest partner to members and attendees. The session aimed to showcase real-life industry examples of successful advisers and how they have implemented tech to support their advisory in forecasting, reporting, rapid client analysis, and scenarios and budgets.

Futrli by Sage is the ultimate advisory solution for accountants and uses maths that ‘thinks’ like an accountant. Futrli helps accountants and small businesses make the best business decisions using predictions. By synchronising to clients’ ledgers, Futrli’s platform processes financial data through thousands of algorithms. Using this information, users can see three-year cash flow forecasts, create budgets and scenarios, use drag and drop reporting, and – most importantly – spend more time with clients.

The evolved advisory landscape

  • Cloud accounting ensures that accountants are able to see their clients’ data, which means they can control the quality of the data by doing bookkeeping themselves 
  • It’s time to couple this rich data with online software. Software integrated with clients’ ledgers ensures firms have the capacity to deliver value-adding services. Futrli by Sage, for example, enables accountants to run three year forecasts of their clients’ financials 
  • Firms were provided with a greater capacity. They could take on more clients or deliver more services to the clients they already had and start to seriously consider advisory as a key component of their firm
  • The data we have access to is better than ever before. Coupled with regular interactions and forecasting and reporting technology means firms have the potential to provide value-adding services every time they meet with a client.