Easy access to better client forecasts

Futrli shows you how to create forecasts which are quick, accurate and accessible to every client

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Are you tired of wrestling with those old Excel cash flow forecasts that just can't keep up with the pace of modern business? 

Traditional spreadsheets can come up short in several key areas: 

  • they're static, requiring constant manual data entry
  • limited to 12-month views, they lack flexibility 
  • they consume valuable time and are prone to human errors 
  • VAT calculations can be a real headache. 

But that's where Futrli shines: 

  • enhance decision-making with precise and holistic forecasting 
  • real-time data syncing, no manual input 
  • improve forecasting accuracy through behaviour-based predictions 
  • unlock seamless integration with Sage, QuickBooks Online and Xero. 

We believe forecasts should be quick, accurate and accessible to every client

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