It has been registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, registration number 222595, since 1964.

Following a review of its activities in 2013, the Trustees decided that the charity should be incorporated as a charitable company limited by guarantee as this would: 

  • provide limited liability for the Trustees; 
  • give the charity a legal personality; and 
  • enable it to operate more effectively.

These proposals were passed at the 2013 AGM and since then the activities of the Benevolent Fund have been undertaken by a new charity called The Chartered Certified Accountants’ Benevolent Fund (same name as allowed by the Charity Commission). The ‘new’ Chartered Certified Accountants’ Benevolent Fund charity has been incorporated in the UK as a company limited by guarantee, company registration number 08880293, and is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, registration number 1156341, and the OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator).

Objectives and activities

The principal object of the ‘new’ Fund remains the same as the old charity and is to raise and maintain a fund for the purpose of assisting persons in need who are, or have been, members of ACCA or related organisations and their families and dependants. The Trustees are also empowered to assist other charitable institutions as they see fit.  All operational activities are undertaken by the ‘new’ Fund, although the old charity will continue to exist until the Trustees are satisfied that all the assets and liabilities have been transferred to the new charity. This process continues to be ongoing.

Under the Articles of Association of the ‘new’ Fund, the Trustees must be members of the charity and there must be at least five and no more than fifteen members at any time. One third of trustees will retire annually by rotation and will be available for re-election provided they have not completed nine years as a Trustee of the Fund.

The principal policy adopted by the Trustees to further the objects of the Fund has been, and continues to be, to make grants in order to supplement other income and to provide some comforts which would not otherwise be available.

In addition, to enable members and dependants to remain in their properties, the Trustee can make loans, normally secured on the properties, towards the cost of major renovations, improvements etc. These loans are normally at a low rate of interest to cover the legal costs and are repayable either when the property is sold or after the death of a survivor.

Over the past four years the Fund has helped beneficiaries in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Lithuania, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Fund has a designated disaster fund through which it has helped members and their families impacted by natural disasters such as the Nepal earthquakes, the Caribbean hurricanes and more recently the Kerala floods in India. The Fund is able to fund these activities because of grants, subscriptions, donations and legacies, as well as the income from a diversified portfolio of long term, high yielding, government securities and holdings which enable funds to be made available to meet anticipated short term needs.

The investment portfolio is managed by professional fund managers.

The Fund's administration, including legal advice, is provided, free of charge, by ACCA; the Trustees also devote time to the Fund's affairs and receive no remuneration. Other than this, the Fund is not dependent on the services of volunteers or on donations in kind.

For more information, including a copy of the Benevolent Fund’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, see the ‘Related downloads’ section of this page or read our FAQs.