Headstart your career

Some of ACCA Pakistan’s Approved Learning Partners joined forces with training organisation INJAZ Pakistan to boost their students’ soft skills and career development opportunities

Over 1,100 students joined 19 sessions around Pakistan, where INJAZ Pakistan trainers helped students improve their interview readiness by learning to write an effective resumé and prepare for an interview – essential steps to be learnt and handled well before applying for any job. 

After the sessions, students had a better idea of how to prepare an effective CV, how to prepare for an impactful interview, and how to improve their soft skills – all of which are extremely important to today’s employers. 


What did students think?

'I have learnt a lot from this session. How to prepare resume, interview techniques, and so on. I would like that such sessions should be conducted again and again. It is so beneficial.'  Junaid Ayub
'INJAZ Pakistan’s training course was phenomenal in changing my perspective regarding job interviews and internships. Ms Amtul (the trainer) was very articulate and attentive. She responded questions with astute precision and clarity'.  Maryam Alauddin Khokar
'I have learnt a lot about how to present during an interview especially cover letter, interview, and so on. After this session I believe I will feel more confident in an interview situation.'  Pakiza Goher