Universities with assessed courses

Open doors to a world of opportunities

ACCA assesses many academic courses and awards exemptions based on the matching criteria of the syllabus. 

We need to ensure that the prior learning matches what is required for the ACCA Qualification.  This means employers know that ACCA members have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed, wherever they started on their learning journey.

The following is a list of universities by country that ACCA has awarded exemptions to a specific level.

Exemptions are only valid for a limited time. Check to see if the university and the course you have chosen qualifies and to what level, by using the ACCA Exemption calculator.

Next steps

Once you have selected your university and checked your exemptions, you can then apply directly on the university website.



If you’re a university that’s keen to partner with us please download our Academic Partnerships brochure for an overview and contact Jane Towers-Clark.