International undergraduate options

We recognise and award exemptions for specific undergraduate degree courses that will accelerate your ability to complete the ACCA Qualification and start a valuable career.

We work with select universities around the world to provide efficient pathways that enable seamless and effective learning at various levels convenient and relevant for you. We assess the course syllabus and award a number of exam exemptions.

Only programmes recognised and assessed by us qualify for exemptions.  This process is rigorous because we need to ensure that the prior learning matches what is required for the ACCA Qualification. 

The more exemptions awarded, the faster you will accelerate to completing your ACCA Qualification. 

Next steps

Exemptions are only valid for a limited period as we regularly make updates to our qualification, both in terms of annual syllabus updates and skills tested. To check whether your university course qualifies and the number of exemptions you are awarded, use the ACCA Exemption calculator.