Students' FAQs on Pakistan remote on-demand exams

Why is ACCA removing the option to book remote on-demand CBEs within Pakistan?

Our key priority is to ensure health and safety while our students continue their ACCA journey during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Where local restrictions meant that it was not possible to take an exam at a centre, we worked with our exam partners to offer the opportunity to take on-demand CBEs using remote invigilation in June 2020.

With local restrictions being lifted and on-demand exam centres now available consistently across all major cities within Pakistan since October 2020, we have taken the decision to withdraw the option to sit remote on-demand exams within Pakistan.

When will remote invigilation for on-demand CBEs be removed within Pakistan?

Remote invigilation for on-demand CBEs will be removed within Pakistan on 10 March 2021.

Will remote on-demand CBEs be offered within Pakistan again?

If there is a return of local restrictions meaning that it is not possible to take on-demand CBEs at an exam centre, we will consider the reintroduction of remote invigilation within Pakistan.

I have an existing booking. Will I still be able to sit this exam remotely?

Yes, all existing exam bookings for remote invigilation for an on-demand CBE, booked prior to 10 March 2021 will be honoured.

Can I still reschedule the date and/or time of my existing booking?

Yes, if you have made an exam booking prior to 10 March 2021, you can reschedule your exam up to your scheduled start time through your ProctorU account.  For guidance on how to reschedule your exam visit ProctorU’s guidance page.

If I want to cancel my existing booking and sit at an exam centre, can I receive a refund for this booking?

You can cancel your exam and receive a full refund if you cancel within 14 days of making payment.

If you need to cancel your exam for any reason. Log into ProctorU and click on the cancel exam button – if you have any issues you can contact ProctorU using their LiveChat function.

To subsequently request a refund you should contact the British Council.

How do I book to sit an on-demand CBE at a centre?

To book a centre based on-demand CBE, search for a local exam centre using our centre list and contact them directly to arrange a time and date that suits you.

Access our guide to booking an on-demand CBE

Is the exam content different between remote on-demand CBEs and centre-based on-demand CBEs?

No.  The exams use the same exam software, assess the same exam syllabus and have the same exam duration regardless of where the exam is taken.