Certificate in Data Analytics (CertDA)

Who is the certificate for?

The course is intended to introduce you to and provoke your interest in techniques and tools to identify and address business issues which can be faced in any role you may undertake.

The course is intended for those with a basic knowledge of numeracy and possibly statistics, particularly those employed in, or aspiring to work in, a wide range of accounting and finance related roles.

The course would also be of interest to those working in other business functions such as general administration, sales and marketing, procurement or production/engineering.

If you already have a professional accountancy qualification, this qualification can be a valuable source of CPD, offering an opportunity to top up existing competencies with specific knowledge and skills around Data Analytics.

If you do not hold a professional accountancy qualification, it offers you the opportunity to gain formal recognition of your capabilities.

Completed our Ethics and Professional Skills Module (EPSM)?

Please note: The CertDA is not suitable for those who have already completed the ACCA Ethics and Professional Skills Module (EPSM).