Eriona Bajrakurtaj

Introducing Eriona



Q: How would colleagues describe you?

A: Annoying (haha), because of the constant changing environment I have created in the office. But I would say someone who executes plans well and achieves their goals.

Q: What difference do you personally bring to a business?

A: Unlike some, I love change. And I’m always looking at how I can improve things, whether it be processes, efficiencies, or how I can make the environment more inviting.

Q: What’s unique about you? (skills, achievements, languages etc.)

A: I love learning languages: I’m fluent in English and Albanian, I know French and German, and I’m currently learning another language.

Q: How has technology and digitalisation helped you?

A: Technology has been imperative in making sure we become more efficient. It is also providing more insight into our client’s businesses, which we use to plan for their future development.