Strategic Business Leader (SBL): Bridging the Gap Webinars

Featuring prominent business leaders and industry practitioners, the Bridging the Gap webinars focus on the main topics from the SBL syllabus and allow you to gain exclusive insights and learn directly from the people driving the business forward.


We know that the Strategic Business Leader (SBL) is examined using a 100% integrated case study, examining across a breadth of organisational functions. The SBL examination assesses the technical capabilities that potential leaders need to demonstrate in senior positions within organisations but is also be focused on professional skills and behaviours.

The SBL examination has a broad and practical syllabus. In order to broaden students’ horizon with the industry insights supporting their preparation for SBL paper effectively, ACCA has planned these sessions. These sessions will focus on the main topics from the SBL syllabus. 

What is in it for SBL students?

1. These free of cost sessions are highly practical in nature and will be delivered by industry experts.
2. These sessions will broaden your horizon on the identified topics and you will be able to appreciate its relevance with practical world and SBL assessment.
3. These sessions will be of 60-90-minute duration and will be run as live webinars.
4. These sessions will also encourage you to be inquisitive and explore about topics more eagerly.

Note: Students are advised to attend these webinars while preparing for SBL examination as this will give them more relevance to the SBL topics being studied. Please note the webinars contents are not the replacement of SBL tuition you need to take from Approved Learning Partner.

Recordings of previous Bridging the Gap Webinars

YearTopic & Speaker's NameRecording Link
2021Data Analytics by Rauf Ali Jan, Head Transformation Internal Audit, HBLAccess recording
2021Digital Transformation by Sadia Zahid, HR Professional and Change Manager, SapphireAccess recording
2021How Startups and Fintechs are Impacting Accountants? by Rauf Ali Jan, Head Transformation, Internal Audit at Habib Bank Limited Access recording
2021Innovation, Performance Excellence & Change Management' by Zeeshan Shahid, Partner - Forensic and S&O,  Yousuf Adil Chartered Accountants

Access recording
2021'Non-Financial Indicators in Performance Management' by Taimur Beiram Khan FCCA, Head of Business Development - South, ACCA PakistanAccess recording
2021Innovation, Performance Excellence & Change Management' - Syed Asmatullah, Partner, Yousuf Adil Chartered AccountantAccess recording
2021The Board of Directors' - Fatima Asad Said, MD, Abacus ConsultingAccess recording
2021Technology & Data Analytics' - Badar Khushnood, Cofounder @ B2C/DTC E-commerce PlatformAccess recording
2020The Board of Directors' - Rana Mustansir, Program and Business Development Manager, Pakistan Institute of Corporate GovernanceAccess recording
2020Leadership & Organisational Culture' - Zeeshan Shahid, Forensic and S&O,  Yousuf Adil Chartered AccountantsAccess recording
2020‘Innovation, Performance Excellence & Change Management' - Neda Jaffer, Director People & Business Advsiory, HRSGAccess recording
2019Technology & Data Analytics' - Syed Abu Afzal, Group CEO, Mazik GlobalAccess recording

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