HEC recognition of ACCA Qualification

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) continues to recognise ACCA membership equivalent to a Master’s degree awarded by universities in Pakistan (involving 16 years of schooling i.e. Masters in Commerce). This recognition is important as it not only helps with international mobility needs of ACCA members but also assists in their education aspirations so they can continue to contribute through their technical, professional and ethical skills towards the social and economic development goals of Pakistan.

Procedure for HEC equivalence

Previously, HEC considered applications for MCom equivalence from ACCA members on individual basis and the equivalence letters were issued accordingly.

As per the latest notification issued by HEC [F.No. 8 (23)/A&A/2018/HEC/1664; Dated: 14 December 2018], to further facilitate ACCA Members in Pakistan, HEC will not be issuing equivalence letters on individual basis. Therefore, ACCA members are no longer required to individually apply for an equivalence letter and will automatically be considered equivalent to holder of a Masters’ degree (16 years) by virtue of being an active ACCA member.

In light of the said notification, HEC has further advised universities and employers to consider ACCA members equivalent to a Master’s degree holder and determine suitability of the candidates for admission and jobs as per their own rules and regulations.

To view the notification issued by HEC, please click here.