About Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson (also known as the Motivational Dude) is speaker, consultant and psychologist who specialises in human optimisation.

His key focus is helping people optimise their minds and bodies so they can realise their potential and live happier, healthier, more fulfilling and successful lives. His current mission is to optimise 100,000 lives by 2020 with a vision of transforming wellbeing worldwide. 

Ross has 10 years of research into the human mind and body under his belt, specialising in topics such as: neuroscience, positive psychology, wellbeing sciences, sleep psychology and psychological disorders. He’s also currently conducting his own research into meditation with Glasgow University. 

To date he has optimised 58,000 lives through his speaking and training events and is a Prince's Trust ambassador who was a 2018 Pride of Britain finalist. He works with the likes of Cisco, Nike, Lululemon, RBS, TEDx and more, and is currently Dell EMCs national ambassador for mental health & wellbeing. 

Previously he himself led a highly toxic life: addictions, overdoses, anxiety, mental health issues and faced two years in jail, to name but a few of the many challenges. However, after a lot of exploration he managed to reclaim his own wellbeing and go on a more purposeful path, helping people from all walks of life with his own unique systems that combine ancestral philosophy, informed science and real, raw lived experienced to provide people with immediately implementable tools to better their lives. 

At present he’s in training mode to break a Guinness World Record for most chest to floor burpees in one hour. The current record being 852. He’s also prepping to write his first book which launches early 2021. 

Other credentials:

Member of the BPS British Psychological Society
Member of the European Union of Sleep
Glasgow University alumni who remains active with the psychology & neuroscience departments  
Involved with well-being on a political level with the Prince's Trust and others